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Lijiang Glass employees' birthday party warmly ''online''

Lijiang Glass employees' birthday party warmly ''online''

Life requires a sense of ritual, and work requires a sense of belonging. In order to increase the cohesion of the company and enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of the company's employees, Lijiang Glass continues to carry out collective birthday party activities for employees.

On September 16, the factory workshop of Jinan Lijiang Glass Equipment Co., Ltd. carefully prepared a September employee birthday party.

Li Baojin, deputy general manager of Jinan Lijiang Glass Equipment Co., Ltd., sent blessings to the company's "birthday" in September, thanked everyone for their hard work in the development of Lijiang, and hoped to work hard and strive for a better tomorrow for Lijiang in the future. 

Lijiang Glass wishes the September birthday stars Liu Tingbin, Zhang Falei, Liu Qingtao, Wang Tao and Gao Qingyun a happy birthday, and may they achieve more dreams and goals in the new year.


Workshop manager Chen Zhen presented exquisite gifts to the birthday stars, who then sang birthday songs and cut cakes together. The entire birthday party was filled with a joyful, warm and happy atmosphere. With cakes, gifts, delicious meals, music, and enthusiasm, the employee birthday party was filled with laughter and every frame was a testimony of happiness.


The birthday party is a beautiful epitome of Lijiang Glass's care for its employees, allowing colleagues to feel the warmth of the Lijiang family. Thanks for having you, the Lijiang family is willing to work hand in hand with everyone to create a better future.

The core team of Lijiang Glass has been committed to the glass deep processing industry for more than 20 years. From raw material processing to assembly and debugging, we focus on technological innovation, product quality and complete solutions to make glass processing simpler, smarter and more efficient.

The main products of Lijiang Glass include: fully automatic vertical insulating glass production line, fully automatic intelligent vertical film removal machine, fully automatic insulating glass sealing machine, butyl coating machine, fully automatic aluminum strip bending machine, and molecular sieve filling machine, glass cleaning machine, intelligent storage and processing system, etc.

We will adhere to the corporate purpose of "precision manufacturing, quality benefit" and better give back and serve our customers with better products and better services.


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