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We are the manufacturing vendor for automatic double glazing machine's produced with the vertical set-up of glass deep-processing, which means we have great control of the supply chain and are cost-effective. We have global advanced production technology from raw material processing to finishing, machine testing and debugging, and can provide the best CNC solutions for domestic and foreign customers. Adhering to the corporate tenet of precision manufacturing and high-quality LIJIANG Glass, we have chosen internationally renowned brands, such as Siemens or OMRON from Germany and Japan are our main suppliers, and our products are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.


The New Factory Was Officially To Use

The new factory in Jinan LIJIANG Glass covers an area of 20,000 square meters and currently employs more than 100 workshop assembly workers and technicians. The company's product management and sales system adopt Chinese advanced ERP and CRM management software to establish an efficient, accurate, united, and orderly technicians team.


The Intelligence And Professional Technical Team

The factory workshop of Jinan LIJIANG Glass implements the ISO9000 quality system certification stanard, adopts 6S-SEIRI, SEITION, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY workshop management system, achieves display board management and fixed management is placed in an orderly manner. It is also equipped with an intelligent ERP work order system, implemented in each workshop assembly team, to achieve the visualization and precision of workshop management.


The Famous Brands Of Equipment Accessories

In the process of production and assembly, Jinan LIJIANG Glass only selects internationally renowned brands of electrical and control system parts as suppliers, using Germany Siemens PLC control systems, Germany Schneider Electric system, Japanese Yaskawa servo controllers, and British TRIO systems to ensure the stability and accuracy of equipment operation...

The Assembly Processing

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Machine Tool Bed Castings Are Treated With Stress Annealing

The machine bed of Jinan LIJIANG Glass automatic insulated glass processing equipment adopts stress relief annealing, also known as low-temperature annealing (or high-temperature tempering), to eliminate the residual stress of castings, forgings, welded parts, hot rolled parts, cold drawn parts, etc.
Stress annealing is an overall heat treatment process for equipment bed castings, which is a metal heat treatment process that changes its overall mechanical properties by heating cast iron flat plates, cast iron bent plates, or equipment bed castings as a whole, and then cooling them at an appropriate rate.
Jinan LIJIANG Glass will ensure that the stress-annealed steel will no longer deform or crack after a certain period, or during the subsequent cutting process.

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The Electrophoretic Coating

Some structural components of Jinan LIJIANG Glass automatic insulated glass processing equipment are sprayed by electrophoretic spraying. The electrophoretic coating has a high penetration rate and can be completely dissolved or emulsified in water. In the gap, the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the inner cavity, weld seam and edge of the workpiece are significantly improved.
There is a big difference between electrophoretic spraying and ordinary spray paint. The painting process of the two is different. Electrophoretic spraying can save energy and cover hidden places. In addition, the products made by the electrophoresis spraying process are not prone to peeling or scratches after extrusion.

The Anodizing Treatment On The Surface Of The Aluminum Profile

EastGlaz (LIJIANG GLASS) will anodize the surface of the aluminum profiles in the glass washing section of the automatic insulated glass production line:

Advantage 1. Improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles

The main component of aluminum alloy profiles is aluminum, which is an active metal that reacts with oxygen in the air to produce aluminum oxide. Due to the uneven oxide film formed naturally, the oxide film is very thin, easily scratched, and has weak corrosion resistance. The artificial oxide film produced by anodizing is uniform, dense and corrosion-resistant.

Advantage 2. Improve wear resistance

The hardness of aluminum alloy cannot be compared with that of steel. The aluminum profile substrate is particularly easy to scratch and wear. The surface of the anodized industrial aluminum profile is very hard and is not easy to scratch by other objects!

Advantage 3. Improved decoration

The base color of the aluminum profile is relatively single, which cannot meet the needs of customers. To improve the aesthetics of the aluminum profile, the aluminum profile processing factory will color the surface of the aluminum profile and anodize the aluminum profile. Thereby, the color of the surface of the aluminum product is diversified.

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The Equipment Assembly Team


The Steel Processing Department

Could use the mechanical force (shearing, sawing, grinding) to cut, and the corresponding machinery includes a shearing machine, sawing machine, grinder, etc., which is more suitable for linear cutting of steel plates or profiles with a thickness of 12-16 mm or less. Could use oxygen-acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and other flames to heat and melt the metal, and use compressed air to blow off the molten metal, to separate the metal, which is suitable for curve cutting and multi-


The Machining Department

LIJAING Glass machining department is equipped with precision machines such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, inner and outer circles, fast/slow wire feeders, and CNC machining centers, as well as auxiliary processing equipment such as sandblasting machines and roller mills, with a machining accuracy of 0.002 mm. The testing equipment is equipped with high-precision testing instruments such as projectors, altimeters, and micrometers, with a testing accuracy of 0.001 mm.


The Mechanical Components Assembly Team

Jinan LIJIANG Glass is equipped with an assembly team composed of many years of experience. Before assembly, it will be familiar with the drawings many times, and the size, quality, and cleanliness of the parts will be checked, the matching accuracy will be checked。 After the general assembly, the equipment is put into trial operation, the problems that occur during the trial operation are adjusted in time, and finally, the equipment is protected by anti-corrosion and painting.


The Electrical Circuit Assembly Team

LIJIANG GLASS has a years+ experience in electrical distribution cabinets. The assembly first arranges the electrical components: circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, current transformers, terminal blocks, etc., Finally, it is checked and confirmed, and the power transmission test is correct to ensure that the equipment can be powered on normally before leaving the factory.